Zuni Fetish~Bear~RFBEARSP

$ 55.00

Zuni Fetish~Bear~Green Striped Serpentine with Turquoise heartline~Eldred Quam-Artist. RFBEARSP.  Many Native American tribes create and use fetishes of which the most renowned fetish carvers are the Zuni tribe, who call themselves Asiwi (Ah-she-wee) (“The People”). Zuni fetishes usually depict animals, especially their eyes, claws, teeth, heightened senses and connection with elemental forces. These carvings are meant to evoke animal spirits who are the messengers of the Creator. Fetishes are generally animals and occasionally supernatural spirits each of which helps the Zuni people. The Zuni believe that the characteristics that live in each of these beings are transferred to the carving. These traits then help whoever possesses that particular fetish. By honoring the animals and acknowledging their special "medicine" (their natural traits), we may summon our own similar attributes. We can focus on the qualities we have that are like a certain animal. We can carry a fetish with us or keep it on a bedside table. Fetishes may be used to discover, enhance, or simply remember a connection with nature. Bear-strength, introspection, spiritual journey through life. 62mm x 43mm x 15mm

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