Zincite/ Willemite- CRZWPA01

$ 45.00

Zincite/ Willemite- Palmerton, Pa. CRZWPA01 50mm x 22mm x 12mm Zincite/Willemite (smelter zincite) secondary formation from zinc refining formed on the smelter dumps from burning ore vapors precipitating in cavities. From Palmerton, Pa. It is considered a stone of vitality and energy, willpower and manifestation. It resonates with Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. It is thought to attract synchronicities with beneficial people and circumstances. Willemite shares an identical molecular structure with Phenacite, except it contains zinc rather than berryllium. Willemite is said to encourage and facilitate the exploration psychic realms, spiritual experiences and meditative practices. It resonates with the energy of Ganesha, removing obstacles on one's path. It is thought to promote self-acceptance. Fluoresces yellow and purple

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