Yttrium Fluorite Generator~CRYFGN01

$ 17.00

Yttrium Fluorite Generator~CRYFGN01. Yttrium Fluorite is fluorite where 20% of the calcium content has been replaced with the rare earth element Yttrium. Yttrium Fluorite is said to bring order out of chaos within and without our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), our lives, and our environment, helping one see the world through “rose colored glasses. It is particularly focused in the mental stimulating clarity, curiosity, memory, logic, and reasoning, bringing one a “laser like focus”. It is thought to assist one in lovingly "walking the walk”, especially when one feels angry and “seeing red”. It is a powerful stone to use at the crown chakra, soul star chakra and higher transpersonal chakras. It helps one shine ones light, even when ones energy is low. It is especially good for people who wish to work as a medium or in the field of psychic counseling. 127mm x 25mm x 23mm

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