Yoni/Lingam Set~Small~CRSYOLI2

$ 36.00

Yoni/Lingam Set~Small~CRSYOLI2. Yoni carved from White Dolomite mined next to the Narmada River in India. Yoni is the Sanskrit term that symbolizes the Hindu goddess, Shakti, who is the representation of feminine power. Consort of Shiva, Shakti is considered the divine force and the divine mother. According to Tantric texts, yoni is the source of life. Yoni has been worshipped since ancient times, along with linga. Yoni mudra is one of the yogic seals that may be used while meditating. Yoni, the creative power, is a part of the shiva linga, which represents Shiva and Shakti. The base of the linga is the yoni, representing the female sex organ. Shiva linga symbolizes the union of creative energies of Shiva and Shakti, or male and female. Tantric teachings do not consider yoni just as a female sex organ, but associate it with the Divine power. Shiva, the god of destruction, is all-powerful only when he is with Shakti, the source of life or creation. Tantric Lingam River Stones (Shiva Lingams) are considered one of the most sacred Hindu icons of the ancient as well as the modern world. They are ceremoniously gathered once a year from the muddy banks of the Narmada River (one of the 7 holy places of pilgrimage in India) and are said to contain the loftiest vibration of all stones on Earth. They are formed of both Iron Oxide, which geologists believe was implanted by an ancient meteorite, and cryptocrystalline Quartz, and have a density nearly equal to that of emeralds. Their composition and shape make these stones unique as objects for meditation. In Hinduism the Lingam represents the harmony and balance of the soul and is also a representation of the Lord Shiva. For many centuries Banalinga were considered objects of veneration for Tantrics, or learned sages. According to Tantric traditions, the lingam represented the unification of male and female energies; or expressed differently, as opposite energies united. In this regard, the body of the lingam represented male energy, characterized as knowledge; and the markings symbolized female energy, characterized as wisdom. You might say Tantric lingams illustrate the idea of harmony through duality; but they have more than symbolic value. Talented Tantric healers know how to cleanse and harness the Tantric lingam’s energy for the purposes of removing blockages in the human nervous system, cleansing the subtle bodies such as the human aura, and amplifying positive energy both within and around the human body. In short, the Tantric lingam is nothing less than a potent tool used to cleanse negativity and increase positivity to bring about an enlightened state. 103mm x 85mm x 55mm

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