Yellow Scapolite Pendant~JSSYSC01

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Yellow Scapolite Pendant~JSSYSC01. Yellow Scapolite is a gemstone known for its energies of problem-solving. It’s also a stone of achievement that can infuse you with inspiration and motivation to achieve all your goals. It helps one discover meaning in life and what your purpose here in this world is. It assists one in opening the solar plexus chakra allowing you to prevent psychic attacks and power abuse. It teaches that emotional healing is not about revisiting past wounds. It is instead about releasing attachment to them as part of your identity. It can assist those with low self esteem to find aspects of self to value and develop. It enables you to break self destructive patterns, overcoming inertia and self sabotage, and provides the clarity to see what is needed. It prevents one from sabotaging your own efforts to break free of bad habits and then blaming others or circumstances. It assists in you in taking responsibility for your life and actions. It brings a calm response to any challenge, and encourages a balanced reaction to apparent injustices. 29mm x 15mm x 7mm

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