Yellow Gold Serpentine Seal Carving~CRYGSEAL

$ 65.00

Yellow Gold Serpentine Seal Carving~CRYGSEAL. This fascinating and unique carving is modeled after the old fashioned wax seals used to seal envelopes. It is carved from a single stone! Yellow Gold Serpentine is a stone that supports your creative mind and creates a safe space of feeling content to engage with big goals, wishes, and dreams you have for your life. It is a responsive gemstone that brings out the positive energy around you and helps you feel more connected to your spiritual self. It reinforces positive thinking and helps remove the negative energy that dwells around you.  It is referred to as a “emotional first aid kit" crystal. It is said to help its keeper to step away from their past and start fresh. 73mm x 37mm x 35mm

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