Yellow Brucite Crystals~ CRYBRUCI

$ 5.00

Yellow Brucite Crystals~ CRYBRUCI. During the initiation of a new project or relationship, Brucite has been used to introduce and energy of “pure energy”, a flame which is eternal, such that one can proceed with both acceleration and strength. It works well to assist in determining that which needs to be addressed in order to further ones goals and in determining whether a relationship or project is one which will be ultimately useful to the fulfillment of ones path. It has also been used to facilitate the “perfect break” from that which one wishes to break-away. It provides supporting energy to allow one to separate and to detach from all unwanted conditions, circumstances, and persons. It can be used to eliminate the “heat” from heated discussions. It also helps one understand the karmic conditions which brought two together. It is said to assist in the removal of “inferiority complexes”, and this new find of yellow Brucite doubly focuses that energy in the solar plexus chakra, the seat of personal power. One (1) Yellow Brucite Crystal. Avg. size 28mm x 21mm x 10mm

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