Wire Wrapped Preseli Blue "Stonehenge Stone" Pendant

$ 65.00

14k Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Preseli Blue "Stonehenge Stone" Pendant- JWR0024 55mm x 23mm x 15mm. Preseli Bluestone (The Stonehenge stone) is the same stone from the same quarry as the stones that comprise Stonehenge. It brings the energy of the vortex of Carn Meini (or Carb Menyn), to all areas in which it resides, and further connects the ley lines of this area, the area of Stonehenge, and Camelot, such that one may feel the sacred energies of all. It is said to contain the energy of Nature devas. It has also been used to bring in the energies of all of the master numbers, acting in each situation, to bring the highest good to any situation. It is said to help one recognize soul mentors, soul travellers, and soul friends. It is also said to contain the energy of the dragon.Stone size 38mm x 20mm.

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