Wire Wrapped Healers Gold Pendant~WWHGLD01

$ 75.00

”Vitality"~Gold-filled Wire Wrapped Healers Gold Pendant~ Healers Gold is the trade name for a mineral combination of magnetite and pyrite. It is very grounding, grounding us to the energetic field of Mother Earth, while allowing us to draw on this energy for power, stamina, and vitality. Because of this groundedness, it is thought to assist one in channeling energy, rather than giving away one’s own chi, or prana, as well as manifesting more chi for ourselves, rather than spewing energy indiscriminately. Through the Law of Resonance, it can help to repel discordant, disharmonious, or negative energy. Gold is the metal of the Divine Father Energy. It is associated with Sun, with fire, with the life force in its creative mode. It supports openness and integrity and builds self-confidence. It symbolizes the successful completion of an inner process of growth and the reward for doing so. Gold is associated with worldly knowledge and an understanding of manifestation. It stimulates passion, creativity and sexuality. It can assist in overcoming emotional paralysis and fear, and in moving through difficult circumstances.  65mm x 28mm

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