Wire Wrapped Epidote in Prehnite Pendant~WWEPPRP1

$ 85.00

”Cho Ku Rei"~Gold-filled Wire Wrapped Epidote in Prehnite Pendant~ Prehnites' vibration most closely resonates and resembles the energy of Reiki, amplifying energy, shielding, empowering, and enhancing Divine guidance and inner knowing. It is thought to help one remain “present” and promote creative visualization. Epidote is an energy amplifier, and functions vibrationally like a magnet, amplifying one’s natural attraction for things and situations. It can be used to create abundance and prosperity, to attract loving relationships, to catalyze the creative process etc. It is healing on a physical level by dissolving blockages and other manifestations of emotional density. It assists one in seeing the positive in any situation and in finding ways to transform one’s reality to create a more positive experience. Gold is the metal of the Divine Father Energy. It is associated with Sun, with fire, with the life force in its creative mode. It supports openness and integrity and builds self-confidence. It symbolizes the successful completion of an inner process of growth and the reward for doing so. Gold is associated with worldly knowledge and an understanding of manifestation. It stimulates passion, creativity and sexuality. It can assist in overcoming emotional paralysis and fear, and in moving through difficult circumstances.  63mm x 32mm

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