Wire Wrapped Cavansite on Stilbite Pendant

$ 80.00

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Cavansite on Stilbite Pendant- JWR0034 54mm x 28mm x 12mm. Cavansite is the stone of the "I Am" presence. It can be helpful for those who wish to access information stored in the akaschic records.It is a stone of communication, of one's personal truth, of spiritual guidance, of channeled information. It aids one in entering the stillness during reflection and the void during meditation. Stilbite provides a powerful, loving energy in creativity and intuitive endeavors. It is an excellent stone to be used for astral travel and can provide guidance while journeying. It can open and heal the heart chakra. It is said to clear the mind of unconscious “clutter”, allowing one to approach one’s tasks with an organized and positive frame of mind, and balanced “whole brain approach”. Stone size 35mm x 27mm.

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