Wild Horse Stone Pendant~JSSWHSP1

$ 40.00

Wild Horse Stone Pendant~JSSWHSP1. “Wild Horse” Stone is the name given to this stone,  which is a mixture of magnesite/hematite. It was discovered in the mid-90’s near the Globe copper mine in the Gila wilderness area of southern Arizona. Some have called it Wild Horse Turquoise but it is NOT turquoise! It is a stone of dignity! Wild Horse is said to deepen one’s understanding of ones souls purpose for incarnating, thus making it easier to achieve the souls goals in the physical plane. It assists one in using ones ability for the advancement of humankind. Its energy assists one in tuning into the Akashic records and the information contained in the soul group consciousness of humanity. It allows one to access the genetic memory of humankind, including our star-seed originsIt is said to calm the mental, to clear trauma energy, and to “thaw” even the most frozen heart. It brings peace, stability, endurance and stamina. It is an ally for parents, teaching one when to sacrifice, and when to wean. 41mm x 21mm x 7mm.

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