Why Did Lemuria Fall?~ Adria Wind Horse Estribou

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Why Did Lemuria Fall? Wisdom from the Elohim~Adria Wind Horse Estribou. Why Did Lemuria Fall is a book of transcripts of channeled messages from a Lemurian priest and priestess for people on earth today. Lemurians have been where we are standing and want to offer warnings about not falling into the same traps, unravel some misunderstandings, and offer blessing transmissions for upliftment.In their words:“This book is about the nature of enlightenment . . . and the choices that one faces as one expands one’s abilities in consciousness. The possible wrong turnings there. And how to be guided swiftly to light and beyond instead of be distracted by that phase of great-ening that wants to amass more for oneself as an individual (or tribe) over another. That is the trap that our civilization fell into. Some were stuck in the smallness of wishing to steal from others.It is up to humanity at this moment in her history. Many beings of many walks of planetary life have come to assist the Earth in her transition ‘upwards,’ if you like, but we would say in her transition toward greater clarity and love. Many beings have come to assist, to remove the darkness of ignorance and enslavement both. Now it is your turn. Humanity is asked of herself to take some responsibility here for how her history will unfold. It is not for others to decide that for you.”

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