White Phantom Quartz Lens~CRWPQL02

$ 25.00

White Phantom Quartz Lens~CRWPQL02. White Phantom Quartz is characterized by a layer of calcite, clay or other white mineral which is deposited during the quartz’s natural growth cycle. If the quartz is transparent, the result will be a whitish internal phantom. It assists in healing physical problems brought on by the echoes of past life karmic influences. It can reveal patterns of emotional fixation from previous incarnations that currently affect your relationships and emotional wellbeing. In clearing such patterns, new wellsprings of freedom and emotional energy can come forth. It helps you regain energies that have been lost in past traumatic experiences, allowing you to relive and release the distress. It is an excellent stone for meditation, opening doors to new realms and assisting in connecting with your highest guidance. It is a stone of communion with Source, and can assist in understanding and manifesting your soul purpose. White phantom quartz assists you in attuning your mind for receiving information from such fields as plants, animals and the universe, in a manner consciously chosen by you. Through access to the Akashic records and your soul history, this stone reveals past patterns which have either held back or facilitated your spiritual evolution. It can reveal possibilities for choices that will accelerate inner progress in this life. It can assist astral travel and inner journeys. White phantom quartz is good for cleansing your auric field and environment of negative energies. It can initiate contact with your spirit guides and inner teachers. 57mm x 24mm x 21mm

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