Where Body Meets Soul- Elizabeth Frediani

$ 15.95

Where Body Meets Soul- Elizabeth Frediani. Elizabeth Frediani draws upon her 35-years of experience working with subtle energy practices to present this articulate, accessible manual on energy-based healing. Her well-crafted exercises address your ongoing need for physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care, yet lead you beyond simply problem solving symptoms. Using the energy system as the map of health and consciousness, she guides you to connect with your body’s energy to clear the underlying factors and the self-limiting attitudes and habits that compromise your well-being. Frediani’s understanding of the natural relationship between the subtle energy system and transcendent states of awareness is unparalleled. In a balanced and insightful way, she also teaches you how to awaken your consciousness and utilize your inner source of peace, compassion, and spiritual revitalization. From comprehensive theory to step-by-step instruction, this book advances our education in the true meaning of body-mind-soul medicine. The material and practices in Where Body Meets Soul reflect the author’s background teaching beginning and advanced students, training practitioners, and working with private clients. Her emphasis on practical life applications is refreshing and grounding. Through use of the practices you will transform how you see yourself – and how you commit to yourself. Endorsers of Frediani’s book include Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D, President of Holos Institutes of Health, and Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts.

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