Whale Ear Bone Fossil~CRFWEB04

$ 36.00

Whale Ear Bone Fossil~CRFWEB04. Whale Earbone Fossil. Fossil tympanic (ear) bone of the balaen whales, ancestors of today's Blue, Gray, and Humpback whales, from either the Miocene epoch or the Pliocene Epoch. Fossil Whale Ear Bones resemble human ears. They fit very comfortably in the palm of the hand! The colors range from red brown to deep brown. Whale is very much like a swimming library. Whale carries the history of Mother Earth and is said to have been placed here by the Ancients from the Dog Star, Sirius. Biologists say that Whale is a mammal, and very possibly lived on land millions of years ago. In tribal legend, Whale's move into the ocean happened when the Earth shifted and Lemuria, the Motherland, went below the waves. Whale saw the events that led to the settling of Turtle Island (North America) and has kept the records and knowledge of the Motherland alive. It is said that Mu will rise again when the fire comes from the sky and lands in another ocean of Mother Earth. The native medicine people are waiting for this event as the next sign of Earth changes. Earth's children will have to unite and honor all ways and all races in order to survive. Whale medicine people are coded in their DNA to understand that sound frequencies can bring up records in the memories of ancient knowledge. Whale medicine teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies that balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms. To recall why the shaman's drum brings healing and peace is to align with Whale's message. 94mm x 53mm x 40mm

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