Wave Jasper -Small~ CRWJMDSM

$ 15.00

Wave Jasper -Small~ CRWJMDSM. Wave Jasper is a new find out of Madagascar. We purchased one flat, I’ve never seen it before or since. In water, waves transmit energy, not water, and if unobstructed can travel very long distances. It is a stone of joy and high spirits. It opens one’s awareness to the benevolent aspects of life and is said to lift one’s mood through its positive vibrations. It helps lift the veil of negativity which many  people unconsciously wear over their eyes, and when the veil is lifted, it is much easier to see and appreciate the many blessings of life. It is thought to “wash away” tension, friction and obstructions. It can open one up and make one more receptive to healing work (alternative healing, therapy etc.). It is known as the “supreme nurturer”, and can remind one of the love that is around one and available to oneself. One (1) Small Wave Jasper. Size and shapes vary. Average size 45mm x 43mm x 46mm

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