Verdite Abstract Person Carved Bead~ CRVBEAD4

$ 22.00

Verdite Abstract Person Carved Front Drilled Bead~ CRVBEAD4. These African stone beadss are hand carved by the Shona of Zimbabwe. The Shona people of Zimbabwe have been hand sculpting stone into works of art for nearly a thousand years.   Even though the craft is ancient, the style has continually evolved and the carvings created today are both beautiful and elegant. Each piece is unique, both in the expression made by the sculptor's hands and in the natural patterns in the rock formed millions of years ago. Shona sculpture is produced in both an abstract manner and in a highly realistic style. Shona sculptures exhibit thought-provoking visual relationships about African art. Verdite will access and harmonize your past with your present so that it will not adversely affect your future. This makes it an excellent stone for past-life exploration and retrieving information from the ancient ones. It will let the ancient beings know that wearer of this stone is someone who’s stable and will only use the information for the highest good of everyone! Verdite will assist in the recovery of wisdom and regaining the memories of your past lives. Verdite is said to be very calming during highly stressful moments and challenging times. It helps one tap into the qualities of being self-assured, self-reliant, and self-sufficient. If there’s anyone who can handle these challenges, it’s you! Verdite will promote peace and harmony, and infuse one with calm and serenity. It encourages one to be more patient, especially when looking after children or caring for the elderly. Natives of Zimbabwe believe in the ability of verdite to promote fertility. 45mm x 21mm x 8mm.

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