Variscite Pendant~JSSVARI1

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Variscite Pendant~JSSVARI1. Variscite is a fairly rare stone. It brings the Light body into alignment and congruence with the physical self. This creates the sensation of serenity, in which one is joyful and at peace with All-That-Is. It is an excellent stone for those who feel “stressed out”, since the alignment with the Light body opens the channels through which one can release all internal disharmonies into the Light. It is cleansing to the auric field, and this can have the effect of precipitating cleansing of the physical body. This is because of the idea of resonance, which is central to the use of stones for all metaphysical purposes. It can bring about a strong activation and stabilization of the heart chakra. This not only generates positive emotional states, but also helps establish them as one’s normal way of being. Instead of seeing joy as a peak experience, it can become a way of life. As a stone of prosperity, it is strong and helpful in terms of helping one make sure there is always “enough”. It can be used to help unite disparate types of people through the common bonds of love. It can be used to help smooth relationships with others whom one finds difficult or who may hold beliefs wildly different from one’s own. It can also be used to heal one’s perception of ones self. It provides hope and courage, being extremely helpful in supporting invalids and their caregivers to continue to deal with the dis-ease that illness can create, especially if they are feeling despair about their illness.  It stimulates the heart chakra, bringing unconditional love and understanding to all situations.  It is also excellent when you need the strength to keep going, when the odds seems stacked against you and you must find a way - variscite gives you the energy to carry on. It encourages unity of hearts, and can stimulate compassion and love for others. It helps with past-life exploration and memory. 36mm x 21mm x 7mm

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