Vajrasattva Figurine~Turquoise-CTFIGVAJ

$ 22.00

Chalk Turquoise Vajrasattva Figurine-CTFIGVAJ. Tibetan Buddhists use assorted figurines and images of bodhisattvas as a way to obtain enlightenment. Each of the deities represents different aspects of the Buddha and his teachings. They are used as an aid for meditation or function as a protection. Each figurine has been finely crafted from Turquoise powder and finished with black antiquing. Vajrasattva is a bodhisattva. In Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrasattva’s role as the “great purifyer” is top-of-mind — a necessary first step in Buddhist practice, working on the negative karmas and obstacles that obscure our Buddha Nature. It is one of the core “foundation” practices of Vajrayana. He represents the ideal guru, and he is frequently invoked in the guru maṇḍala, the foundational ritual for all other Newar Buddhist rituals and the daily pūjā for Newar priests. 41mm x 31mm x 17mm

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