Tumbled Pinolite (Pinolith)~TUMPINO

$ 3.00

Large Tumbled Pinolite (Pinolith)~TUMPINO. Pinolite is a rare mix of Magnesite crystals in Black Dolomite, high in manganese with traces of graphite. The name, Pinolite, means “pine” and “stone” due to the “pine nut” or “pine cone” shaped magnestite crystals. It is considered a stone of calmness and relaxation, imagination and creativity. Manganese is considered “the love element”, the graphite grounds and amplifies these energies in the user. It assists with creative visualization and the manifestation of those visions. It is thought to free one from all forms of self-deception, positively encouraging one to see life with a new perception. Pinolite brings a calming effect to the upsetting emotions by instilling the strength and tolerance for dealing with emotional tension. The energies of this stone supports one in releasing nervousness, as well as overcoming pique, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. It is said to help one develop the stamina to deal with hyperactive situations as well as crowds. Pinolite is thought to turn on the heart chakra as well as arouse heartfelt love including self-love, teaching one to love oneself in order to fully and wholeheartedly love others. It is considered to be helpful in bringing unconditional love in circumstances when the partner (soulmate) faces issues such as addiction, bringing an energy that permits the soul to be all that it actually is. One (1) Large Tumbled Pinolite. Average size 30mm x 26mm x 20mm

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