Tourmalinated Quartz DT Mini Point~CRTQTZMP

$ 5.00

Tourmalinated Quartz DT Mini Point~CRTQTZMP. Tourmalinated Quartz shares the properties of its components the grounding and deflection of negative energy found in Tourmaline, as well as the energy amplification and consciousness raising ability of Quartz. Tourmilinated Quartz is clear or white quartz which has pieces of Black Tourmaline within it. Tourmalinated quartz stones have a strong spiritual grounding energy as well as being potent psychic protection stones. These stones have a powerful ability to clear your auric field of negativity. When the light that resonates from these crystals surrounds the body, this acts as a powerful protective field of energy, to keep you safe, and shield you from harm. These stones embody Black Tourmaline, that has a vibration that creates a strong action at the base or root chakra and the earth star chakra. It strengthens the body's energy field against external invasion and deflects detrimental environmental influences. It harmonizes disparate and opposite elements and polarities, and turns negative thoughts and energies into positive ones. Psychologically, it helps to integrate and heal the shadow energies, alleviating self-sabotage.It harmonizes the meridians, the subtle bodies, and the chakras. One (1) Double Terminated Mini Point. avg size 44mm x 17mm x 15mm

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