Titanium Danburite~ CRTITD07

$ 45.00

Titanium Danburite~ CRTITD07. Titanium Danburite projects strength, mental acuity and physical power. It is thought to deflect negative energies, and balance one’s meridians, energy field, and aura. It is said to raise one’s vibration, protecting one through the Law of Resonance, and making one much less likely to take on someone else’s energy. It can help one feel grounded, centered and energized. It can activate and awaken the chakras. It said to bring new understanding of one’s relationships. It can also reveal hidden talents and Divine gifts. It encourages one to "let your light shine", and helps people to get along with others. It is said to especially benefit those who wish to evolve spiritually. Its vibration is very similar to the pure chi of Reiki. It is a gentle and powerful aid to the enlistment of one’s awareness to the higher spiritual vibrations. It clears and opens the crown chakra, linking and harmonizing it with the heart. It has a special resonance with the Angelic domain. Fairies, angels and Light beings of all kinds are made visible with the aid of its influence. Fairies are playing in the grass, Light beings are floating through the forest, and the world is full of unseen guides and teachers that are waiting for you to perceive them. If you reach out with your heart and mind to those on the other side, they will respond by offering guidance, love and fun! It assists those who need to release stress and worry. It soothes the heart and sends the message that "all is well". They are attuned to etheric music and are said to help one experience the "music of the spheres".  It assists one in overcoming fear of intimacy with the Divine. It supports one through the release of grief, intense fear and anxiety, resentment or anger. It is a stone of joy and celebration, attuning one to the frequencies of love, fellowship and light. As it invites you to "pierce the veil" that separates  us from the Divine in one another, and look with faith into the unseen for the love and guidance of the Divine, it also asks you to accept the unseen aspects of yourself. 46mm x 25mm x 22mm

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