Titanium Candle Quartz Crystal~CRTCQZ04

$ 23.00

Titanium Candle Quartz Crystal~CRTCQZ04. Titanium Candle Quartz is a light-bringer for the planet & those who have incarnated to help the Earth change vibration, Highlighting courage, soul purpose & one’s life path, assists in putting ancient knowledge into practice & brings a guardian angel closer, useful for those who find physical incarnation difficult, raising personal power, dissipates feelings of oppression, & assisting one in feeling good about oneself & ones body, projects strength, mental acuity & physical power, a stone of spiritual and financial abundance, deflects negative energies, & balance one’s meridians, energy field, & aura, raises one’s vibration, protecting one through the Law of Resonance, & making one much less likely to take on someone else’s energy, a "stone for the luminaries" of our Earth, providing for thought transmission within the physical realm & between luminaries of other world, used for amplifying intent, as intent is always the key as we are ourselves creators, always the creators of our own reality. 55mm x 54mm x 36mm

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