Titanium Black Kyanite Crystal~CRTBKC03

$ 14.00

Titanium Black Kyanite Crystal~CRTBKC03. Titanium Black Kyanite, known as the Revival Stone. This amazing crystal has a permanent bonding of titanium over a Black Kyanite blade that results in these beautiful colors. It carries such a high-vibration that it affects the aura of anyone in its presence. It works to mend any tears or holes in your aura, bringing a surge of renewing energy to your body. It works with all 7 chakras, focusing on the root chakra, as it is grounding yet energizing at the same time. It removes any negative energy from your body, pushing any excess energy down into the Earth and replacing it with positive energy. It said to bring new understanding of one’s relationships. It is considered a stone of happiness, it assists this state by gently grounding out the backlog of energies and emotional debris that can weigh a spirit down. 67mm x 42mm x 22mm

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