Titanite & Augite Specimen~CRTIAUGS

$ 24.00

Titanite & Augite Specimen~Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada~CRTIAUGS. Titanite (Sphene) can be used to promote contact with the heavenly bodies within this Universe, and can be used with other minerals to promote gentleness in the action of the other minerals. It can be used to clear the “cobwebs” of the mind, energizes one’s mind and will urging one toward the actions that will lead to the fruition of one’s plans. It enhances psychic abilities. This may assist you to work in esoteric disciplines such as reading the tarot or numerology, where this combination of intuition and mental abilities is highly effective. Augite can be used to enhance the understanding of metamorphosis in ones life, and to ameliorate the more trying transformations. It is grounding and centering, and can clear “muddy” areas of ones aura. 47mm x 41mm x 35mm

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