TELOS Volume Three~~Aurelia Louise Jones

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TELOS Volume Two: Protocols of the Fifth Dimension~Aurelia Louise Jones. Here is what Adama of Telos has to say: It is with great love and much support from the many realms of Light of Telos and beyond, that the third volume of the Telos series is presented to you at this time of great Earth changes. Allow this purification of the Earth, because it is most necessary for the Mother to renew Her body that has been so desecrated. The material presented here is designed to continue to stretch your heart and mind to another new level of your Christhood and mastery. If you are choosing to move along with Earth s destiny and evolve your consciousness to be able to live in a world of pure Love and Light, it is now more imperative than ever before that you awaken the perceptions of your true divinity and make it a priority and the most important goal of your life. You must gain the full understanding of what it means to become an ascended being and the state of consciousness and responsibilities that come with it. Too many of you still hold much illusion regarding the level of the consciousness you must embrace to fully become your divinity incarnate, and to fulfill your heart s longings for this sublime alchemy of the soul that Ascension brings. Through this book, we are showing you how to prepare the Garden of your Heart to become conscious and responsible galactic citizens, how to mingle, as equals, with your brothers and sisters from the Stars. You have to weed out of this garden all that is less than divine Love perfected and transformed, by diligently, and with great constancy, to fully awaken your awareness to your true nature as a divine being. This is what will free you, beloved ones. All those of us who have channeled material for our third volume have already attained this level of Love; and it is with great compassion and humility that we attempt to show you how you can attain this for yourselves also. Our beloved Aurelia could not channel this material until she was able to gain and accomplish, in the Garden of her own Heart, a great part of the understanding of the level of Love and Surrender that are required to enter into the world of Oneness . She agreed to expose in this book some of the dialogues she has had with us, about her own difficulties and frustrations she experienced in reaching the level she has now achieved. She accepted to do this and expose her own travails for your benefit. It is meant to show you that what one can attain, others can also attain. Basically, although your problems and difficulties are all manifesting in various ways, they all stem from the same core issues. You will also find in the third book several helpful tools that you can use such as meditations in etheric temples and activations. Also you will find protocols and codes of ethics that you must embrace in order to be finally admitted into the great Hall of Ascension . This book offers you the next few steps you must attain in order to be able to join us consciously. Know, beloved ones, that as you read our material, we are there with you assisting you in your process. Our hearts are longing as much as yours to be together again, in the glory of the Brotherhood of Light. We are pressing on you now to come all the way home to the Heart of Love, through the total surrender to your unique pathway and the Will of the Holy Father/Mother, All That Is.

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