Tanzanite & Selenite Pendant~JSSTANS1

$ 48.00

Sterling Silver Tanzanite & Selenite Pendant~Tanzania JSSTANS1. Tanzanite stimulates the 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras, integrating aspects of communication and psychic power. It is said to be protective during channeling from the higher spiritual realms. It is a stone used to connect personal power and actualization, bringing the will to the aid of manifestation. It  is said to facilitate communication with the spiritual world of the ancient ones. It is said to help one see the beauty within, and without, and share that from the heart. Selenite assists us in our goal of being physical... to bring our highest consciousness into the physical realm and to use it to create an enlightened reality. Selenite is a doorway through which the vibration of our Higher Self can enter into our consciousness and physical systems. When we are connected to our Higher Self, our physical body and physical manifestations become direct conscious tools for Divine expression in our life. Selenite is fast and effective at cleansing the auric field and can clear negative energies from one's physical and etheric body. Crystal healers are recommended to work with selenite wands, which are ideal for purification and all types of energetic cleansing. These wands can also be used as "magic wands" or "prayer sticks", which carry one's intentions and thoughts to the Higher Self and beyond. Selenite allows for clarity of mind. It is said to connect one to the Akashic Records,  the "library of the universe", and as such is helpful in any kind of past life exploration. 59mm x 12mm x 6mm

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