Sun & Moon Stone Star~CRSMSS05

$ 17.00

Sun & Moon Stone Star~CRSMSS05. Sun & Moon Stone is a natural blend of Moonstone and Sunstone. The flashes of color in these are AMAZING! It assists one in leading & influencing the origination of personal & universal/ world-wide progress & improvement, brings the white light of healing, brings an orderliness to planning, promotes intuition & contact with higher self, relates to 'new beginnings’, focuses on the cycles in our life & celebrates the milestones & rites of passage each new cycle brings, aids hoping & wishing, assists in understanding one's destiny, cleanses negativity from the chakras, reveals to women their feminine power & connection to goddess, assists in finding life's sweetness & in self-nurturing, assists in removing "hooks" (cords) from other people, reduces anxiety, fear, and phobias, associated with wealth & abundance, raises the vibration of one's emotional patterns. 68mm x 70mm x 18mm

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