Sugilite Pendant~ JSSSUGP4

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Sugilite Pendant~ JSSSUGP4. Sugilite is one of the most powerful love stones (because of its energy, and the inclusion of the love element Manganese), it applies this healing love to the Bodymind to eliminate first unforgiveness, and through this, dis-ease. It is a stone of restoration of faith, in oneself, in the power of love, and in one’s rightful place in the Universe. Sugilite is considered the stone of Archangel Michael, the Spiritual Warrior, whom Doreen Virtue states “is the protector of all that is pure”. The esoteric writer Rudolf Steiner, in a lecture in Zurich on November 13, 1917, states: "in 1879, in November, a momentous event took place, a battle of the Powers of Darkness against the Powers of Light, ending in the image of Michael overcoming the Dragon”.  25mm x 9mm x 6mm

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