Stone Animal Carving~Boekenhout Jasper Dog with Hat~CRSACV18

$ 45.00

Boekenhout Jasper Tumbled~TUMBKTHJ. Boekenhout Jasper is the foundation stone upon which some Spirit Quartz grows, these stones were used in Lemurian healing ceremonies and retain the records of both the knowledge of use and methods of facilitation leading to results for those who work with these advanced energies, acts as a stimulus to the retrieval of memories concerning those with whom one has been closely connected in "previous" lives, its energy is likened to arrows of light guiding one on ones path as an integral part of the path of humankind towards enlightenment, said to dispel fear, especially in regards to fears or doubt when one is actively engaged in physical activities, has been used to prevent imposition from others upon ones space and ones being, a stone for protection of ones state of safety and of ones privacy, known to provide for protection of the mind and body from invasive energies of others, and has acted to produce a barrier against unwanted implants from others. 51mm x 32mm x 20mm

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