Stilbite Specimen~CRSTIL08

$ 12.00

Stilbite & Heulandite Specimen~Aurangabad, India~CRSTIL08.  Stilbite, a member of the Zeolite family, when used in meditation, can bring about a gradual expansion of the sense of self, starting in the heart center and gradually increasing until one has grown past the confines of the body, becoming a sphere of awareness no longer limited by the laws of physics, yet still connected by a cord of Light to the physical body. The expansion it provides is so gentle that one can easily fall into bliss and not fully realize fully what has happened. It allows one to approach one's tasks with an organized and positive frame of mind. It balances hemispheric brain function, facilitating a whole brain approach to challenging mental tasks. Heulandite, as a member of the Zeolite family, is excellent for Reiki practitioners, enhancing one’s actions and to stimulate the proper response  to the energies applied. It is a high vibration stone, that is a powerful tool for meditation. It may take you on inner journeys to ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. You may access the Akashic Records to earn about past lives you have experienced there, and it aids you to heal situations that may be of a karmic nature. It works particularly within the third eye and the crown chakra, aiding in the synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain, assisting access to Divine guidance. It may boost your awareness of psychic visions, aid one to become aware of higher subtle vibrations. You may be aided to know what steps to take to develop your psychic powers, and by accessing this special guidance you may develop a range of new gifts. This guidance may include helping you to make contact with new spirit guides. the Akashic Records. 75mm x 36mm x 24mm

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