Staurolite in Schist Pendant~ JSSSTAUR

$ 45.00

Sterling Silver Staurolite in Schist Pendant~ JSSSTAUR. Staurolite is a talisman of good luck, called the "fairy stone" or "fairy cross" and was said, to be the crystallized tears of fairies, formed when the fairies were brought news of the death of Christ. It can also be used to provide a connection to information from the ancients of the Middle East. Staurolite crystals were worn by Pocahontas, the daughter of Chief Powhaten- it is said that Pocahontas presented Captain John Smith with one of these crystals to protect him from harm, can provide for an overpowering relief in situations of stress and can help eliminate depression, addictive personality traits, and tendencies towards over-extension of ones time, can instigate spontaneous natural purging of negative energies, can help one pick up healthy habits and reduces resistance to positive changes. 48mm x 30mm x 11mm

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