Sphalerite, Pyrite and Quartz CRSPQUP3

$ 22.00

Sphalerite, Pyrite and Quartz- Missouri CRSPQUP3 80mm x 60mm x 58mm Sphalerite is a stone used to balance yin and yang energies. It is said to enhance one's psychic abilities, while helping determine the accuracy of psychic information, one's own or that of others. It is thought to guide one along the path from a job, to a vocation, to one's destiny. Pyrite is a stone of the solar plexus chakra, the seat of physical stamina, manifestation, personal power, action, protection, and creation on all levels. It has also been used as a purifier, and to remind one of the inherent purity of the universe. It is considered the masculine power stone. Quartz is an an energy amplifier and transmitter, and is said to bring the energy and harmony of the stars into the soul.  It is thought to facilitate communication with ascended masters, teachers, and healers. It  can be programmed as a “constant prayer or intention generator”, sending our highest thoughts and wishes out to the Universe.

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