Specular Hematite on Candle Quartz~CRSHQTZ3

$ 25.00

Specular Hematite on Candle Quartz-Mongolia~CRSHQTZ3. Specular hematite brings grounding and high energy at the same time. It allows one to see the operation of the Divine in the events of everyday life, and it aids one in attaining the ability to comprehend multiple levels of reality simultaneously. It assists Light workers in understanding how to bring their high aspirations into unity with physical life. This mineral is about transcending the mundane vision of “what is spiritual” and allowing yourself to create your own unique expression of Spirit on Earth, using your personal gifts and dreams. It allows you to reach for the stars and pursue your own visions, without being limited by what you think is possible or allowed. It assists one in releasing self-judgment and self-recrimination about one’s spiritual growth or self-worth. It helps the body integrate more Light energy and makes the incorporation of higher frequency energies more comfortable. Candle Quartz is said to be a light-bringer for the planet and those who have incarnated to help the Earth change vibration. Highlighting courage, soul purpose and one’s life path, it assists in putting ancient knowledge into practice and brings a guardian angel closer. It is useful for those who find physical incarnation difficult, raising personal power, dissipates feelings of oppression, and assisting one in feeling good about oneself and ones body. It also helps one understand how the physical body is affected by emotional or mental distress. It is a stone of spiritual and financial abundance. It assists one in transforming despair to hope and clarifying issues. It is a "stone for the luminaries" of our Earth, providing for thought transmission within the physical realm and between luminaries of other worlds. It is used for intent, as intent is always the key as we are ourselves creators, always...the creators of our own reality. It is used for going inward to create the "outside", for accessing ancient information and for being the "candle" within, the light, the small voice which we all possess, and for guidance.
 37mm x 16mm x 12mm

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