Soapstone Double Owl Carving~CRSDOWC1

$ 22.00

Soapstone Double Owl Carving~CRSDOWC1. This is a one piece owl within an owl soapstone carving from India. Soapstone provides for both movement and widening of ones horizons. It can be used to stabilize atmospheric electricity, eliminating interference and amplifying the sending and receiving of messages, the messages being both from this pane and the outer areas. It emits a calming energy, allowing one to release old routines and to create new loving environments. It assists ones adaptability, helping one remain open to new ways of expressing gratitude. 

Owl energy, or medicine, encourages us to release all that doesn’t serve our highest good, and to hunt for only that which feeds our soul. They remind us that every ending is a new beginning, and that the long, clear vision will help us navigate even the dark night of the soul. It can be a fierce warrior if challenged or something it holds dear is threatened. Owl is the energy of wisdom and truth, seeing the whole picture. 65mm x 51mm x 26mm

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