Smoky Citrine Phantom Scepter Crystal~CRCITS07

$ 28.00

Polished Smoky Citrine Phantom Scepter Crystal~CRCITS07. Smoky Citrine Phantom Quartz clears negativity and fear especially in regard to issues of money, prosperity, abundance, manifestation and intention, from this and past lives, brings clarity, spirituality and grounding to these same issues, awakens & stimulates creativity, doesn’t retain negative energy, can smooth & soothe family or group problems, assists in “overcoming”, symbolizes universal awareness, acts to bring together the participants of humanity to save, to renew, & to facilitate the spiritual health of the planet, can be used to access the records of ones progression through past lives, can assist one in meeting & conversing with a personal spiritual guide, its form is very much like an arrow & its energy can be related to that of the Wands suit in the Tarot- fostering creativity, direction & action, stimulates the aura, helping one feel more energized & excited about taking action & moving in new directions, brings the spirituality of the higher planes into healing ceremonies, and focuses the energy deep within the “heart” of the matter; I.e., the energy is directed to the “heart” of the cell, the “heart” of the disability, to the “heart” of the subtle bodies, and most importantly, to the “heart” of the energy center of the etheric body, where re-structuring of the physical, mental, or emotional disorders occur. 84mm x 26mm x 24mm

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