Phantom Smoky Calcite Crystal~CRSMCALC

$ 69.00

Phantom Smoky Calcite Crystal~CRSMCALC. Smoky Calcite is considered an energy amplifier, and can be used to amplify one's own energy, while clearing and activating the chakras. It is said to assist in recalling information gathered during meditation, channeling, journeying, or astral travel, n excellent grounding stone, enhances practicality & organization, lends focus and patience, transmutes negative energies in one’s environment, a good stone for “keeping things clear” by purging the atmosphere of unspoken resentments or suppressed conflicts, can help one feel more capable of creating or changing one’s reality, promotes personal pride and joy in living, symbolizes universal awareness, acts to bring together the participants of humanity to save, to renew, & to facilitate the spiritual health of the planet, can be used to access the records of ones progression through past lives, can assist one in meeting & conversing with a personal spiritual guide 88mm x 78mm x 65mm

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