Sleep: Guided Relaxations to Unwind for Bedtime~Alana Fairchild

$ 20.00

Sleep: Guided Relaxations to Unwind for Bedtime~Alana Fairchild. Sleep is nature s gift. To look forward to bedtime and fall sleep easily, and to then wake refreshed, ready for your day filled with hope, energy and optimism is part of the pleasure of life. You can learn how to relax, unwind and improve your sleeping experience with this book and CD, featuring Alana s hypnotic and soothing voice, and specially composed music with diurnal beats, deeply relaxing rhythms and healing sounds, which will gently guide you into a safe, healthy, enjoyable sleep experience. Suitable for children, adults, for those with chronic sleep problems and those who are just going through a difficult time and struggling to let go and rest, this book and CD will support deep restful sleep and all the many physical, emotional and psychological benefits good sleep brings. Hardcover.

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