Singing Amethyst Twin Crystal~CRSAMET11

$ 149.00

Singing Amethyst Twin Crystal~CRSAMET11. Singing Amethyst is a variety of quartz with unique tonal qualities.  When two pieces are gently touched together, they produce a clear, high-pitched resonant tone. It’s a difficult sound to describe, but the difference is easy to discern when you compare it to the ‘clack’ sound you normally get from touching two crystals together. It embodies the sounds of nature all around you, helping you to tune into your own inner rhythm. By quieting the noise in your head and allowing you to align with the harmony of the universe, your Singing Amethyst is a powerful energetic tool to recalibrate your energy field when you feel tense, overwhelmed, or disconnected from nature. It facilitates communication on multiple levels. They have been used to stimulate contact between entities, terrestrial (people, animals, plants, crystals, etc), Extraterrestrial (Intergalactic)  and Celestial (angels, guides, etc.), and to remove blockages that prevent easy understanding between beings. They can be used to bring forth creative energies that are in line with the universal ‘blueprint’.  It can also be used to align the energy centers of the body, calm the aura, and break apart unnatural psychological ‘constructs’ that separate us from true understanding. These crystals are often used as part of meditative practice. Because of their connection to sound and spirituality, these would make wonderful “talking sticks” for spiritual circles and groups. They also make  great transmitters for sending distance healing from drum circles/ singing bowl groups to the intended recipient of the energy. 365mm x 80mm x 42mm

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