Silver Sheen Obsidian Mother Mary Carving~CRSSOMMC

$ 36.00

Silver Sheen Obsidian Generator~CRSSOGN1. Mary, also called St. Mary or the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, venerated in the Christian church since the apostolic age and a favorite subject in Western art, music, and literature.  The New Testament account of her humility and obedience to the message of God have made her an exemplar for all ages of Christians. Silver Sheen Obsidian displays a silver-gray iridescent sheen when polished and viewed in strong light, caused by gas bubbles aligning across the layers during formation. It is believed to bring advantage throughout life. It improves perception, sharpens the senses and intellect, promotes articulate communication to others, and helps keep personal likes and dislikes from affecting rational decision-making. A perfect tool for gazing, Silver Sheen Obsidian adds the mystery of lunar energies in its ability to mirror the inner being. It helps us to understand our behaviors and to refine undesirable traits, enhancing patience and perseverance when needed. It is a marvelous stone for out-of-body journeying as it provides a strong connection between the physical and astral bodies, and assures a safe soul return. It is a soothing, protective stone for those of us who have issues with a possessive parent or partner, or who need help keeping firm boundaries. Coming from the root of the Earth, Obsidian creates an energetic connection from the Root chakra at the base of the spine all the way down to Earth's core, and up through ones chakra system, connecting to lunar and extraterrestrial energies as well. These lunar energies can activate the Third Eye chakra bringing a more complete awareness of the world, how its systems work, and aids in the process of gathering and dissecting knowledge. 84mm x 52mm x 13mm

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