Silicon Tumbled~TUMSILIC

$ 5.00

Tumbled Silicon~TUMSILIC. Silicon is what makes computer technology possible! Silicon does not exist in its pure form on earth, it must be refined from sand (SiO2). When the oxygen molecules are removed from quartz, the element Silicon is left behind. Then Silicon crystals are grown from a seed crystal in the lab, where it is heated to over 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Silicon has similar metaphysical properties as Quartz, but at a higher vibratory frequency. It can be used for mental attunement, deeper meditative states, gentle grounding, memory enhancement, and improves manual dexterity. It also amplifies positive feelings. Silicon transfers the energy of other minerals to the affected area of the body. It assists one in looking deeper into the nature of things, behind the facade, and have a better understanding of the “gray areas” between black and white thinking.  One (1) Tumbled Silicon. Avg. size 34mm x 27mm x 24mm

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