Shattuckite in Quartz Cabochon~ JCABSHA3

$ 15.00

Shattuckite in Quartz Cabochon~ JCABSHA3. Shattuckite ia a stone of reconciliation and renewal, aiding one in being at peace and contentment with oneself and partners, used to channel information, particularly from extra-terrestrials; and for automatic writing, brings clear psychic vision and aids in understanding and communicating what is seen, useful in cases where past-life experience has closed down metaphysical abilities, removes hypnotic commands and edicts against using psychic vision, can clear past-life curses and commands to secrecy, some say it helps in channeling and reprogramming our DNA as well as our brain functions. Quartz is an energy amplifier, said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul, a stone of harmony, can facilitate communication with spiritual and other world masters, teachers, and healers, can be programmed as a 'constant' prayer or intent generator. 35mm x 24mm x 6mm

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