Shaman Stone/ Moqui Marble Pair CRSHSTST

$ 10.00

Shaman Stone/ Moqui Marble Pair CRSHSTST. This is for one set of male/female Shaman Stones. The spherical stones are considered Feminine, the eliptical shaped stones are considered male. These are used for balancing masculine and feminine energies, and for working with "masculine" and feminine" archetypal energies and issues. Shaman Stones, also known as Moqui Marbles are powerful tools for those engaged in shamanic journeying, offering protection and guidance. They are thought to help one perceive and connect with one’s power animal. They are said to balance one’s own electromagnetic field. Moqui Marbles are named after the Moqui Indians who inhabited the lands where they are found. According to one source, in the Hopi language, the word "moqui" means "dearly departed one". Legend says that the departed ancestors of the Hopi Indians of the southwestern United States played games with these "marbles" in the evening when spirits are allowed to visit the Earth. When the sun rises they must return to the heavens so they leave the marbles behind to let relatives know they are happy and well. 1 (one) Pair Male/Female"  Shaman Stones/ Moqui Marbles. Average size for each piece 30mm

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