Serpentine in White Jade Spheres~CRSWJSPH

$ 15.00

Serpentine in White Jade Spheres~CRSWJSPH. Serpentine in White Jade is calming & grounding, protects the wearer from negative energies, brings peace, harmony & luck, wonderful in the decision making process; blocks distractions, allowing for the best results to reveal themselves, has the ability to purify the energies of your heart, and to increase or enhance the energy of love in your life, connects one to one's souls impulses so that you will better understand the bigger picture of your life experiences, it rouses the kundalini energies, one may experience a wide range of psychic and spiritual phenomena, can help reestablish the order intended by Nature, bringing peace and joy to the individual and reverberating into the outer world, stores the histories and epics of the fairy domains, the devic realms and the plant, animal, & mineral kingdoms, allows one to release fear of change & hardship & to look ahead to the future with expectation and excitement. One (1) Serpentine in White Jade Sphere. 50mm.

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