Scheelite & Iolite Earrings~JESCHEE3

$ 45.00

Sterling Silver Blue Scheelite (Rare) Earrings-Turkey~JESCHEE3. Scheelite represents the coming together of humanity, with all of its diversity. It is extending the flame of one candle to light the next. It represents clarity of intention, connection and community. It is helpful to have in ones energy field to maintain a tranquil, calming energy that will help to feel safe and secure, no matter what the circumstance. For those who are facing inconsolable fears (personal issues, the direction of current events, natural earth based events, etc.) Blue Scheelite will soothe and comfort your fears and any uncertainty. It can also help to ease anxiety, panic and PTSD issues. It is a wonderful supportive companion to those facing addiction and recovery as well. It can remove creative blocks. It enhances connected thought patterns, assisting one in punctuality and in meeting deadlines. It provides for insight into the discovery of “a map to the heavens”, allowing one to pre-determine the destination prior to, or during, astral travel. Iolite is a stone of financial fresh starts. It assists those intending to reduce debt, can bring loving self-forgivness for past mistakes regarding money, and assist one in being grounded in ones thoughts moving forward. It can enhance ones intuition regarding purchases and decisions. It can also help one tap into the universal flow abundance represents. It is helpful for calming an overactive mind. It helps to eliminate dissonance and disruption in relationships and to release discord from one’s life. It activates the visionary, creative side of the mind. 41mm x 15mm x 4mm.

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