Satyaloka Quartz-XSmall~CRSATQXS

$ 2.00

Satyaloka Quartz-XSmall~CRSATQTS. Satyaloka Quartz comes from the Satyaloka Monastery, the monks live there along with their spiritual Master, Sri Mukteswara Bhagavan, attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness, this exceedingly high-vibration" stone is spiritually enhanced by monks, there is a tremendous energy vortex there, many of the great sages & mystics of India in the past 200 years have come from within a 100 mile radius of Satyaloka, it is felt that this area is the crown chakra of the Earth, purifies the thoughts, the aura & surrounding areas, aligns & activates the chakras, & will often give a deep & often earth shaking connection to Supreme Consciousness. One (1) XSmall Satyaloka Quartz. Size and shape varies, avg size 35mm x 12mm x 11mm

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