Ruby & Kyanite Heart CRRUKYH1

$ 85.00

Ruby & Kyanite Heart CRRUKYH1. Ruby is thought to stimulate the root chakra, easing addictive tendencies and scarcity programming. It is said to impart a resonance with hope, motivation, power, courage and vitality, making it an excellent ally for anyone who acts as an advocate, for oneself or others. It is considered a stone of prosperity and passion, that one may follow those to one's bliss. Blue Kyanite is thought to never retain negative energy. It is said to align and activate chakras and assist meditation. It is thought to assist in building connections between oneself and others and among the different aspects of oneself encouraging integrity. It works on the Throat Chakra to improve communication. Kyanite can bring awareness of ones Soul Path. This combination is thought to build the bridge to one’s destiny and prosperity. 60mm x 53mm x 38mm (FYI..the white lines on the face of the heart is natural coloration, not a crack)

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