Rose Aura Quartz Clusters~CRRSAURA

$ 10.00

Rose Aura Quartz Clusters~CRRSAURA. Rose Aura is Quartz treated with Platinum. It can be used to balance the meridians and chakras, and align them all with the heat chakra. Used to bring stability, to the four bodies, and to relationships. Stimulates self-approval facilitating a non judgmental attitude towards another. Can assist in maintenance of ones energy levels, and stimulate ones Pineal gland enhancing intuition. It assists in cosmic connection and stellar knowledge. It assists those of Star lineage, such as walk-ins and inter-dimensional beings to acclimate to their human bodies and experiences. It is a stone of the Wind and Storm elements, “blowing” one in the direction of ones goals and dreams. Size and Shape varies. Avg. size 40mm x 32mm x 41mm

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