Rhodonite Bear Carving~CRRHBEAR

$ 10.00

Rhodonite Bear Carving~CRRHBEAR. Bear energy, or medicine, is the power of introspection, going within, into meditation, into the Dream Lodge, to seek answers to all mysteries. It reminds us that, “If we don’t go within, we go without”. That we have the strength to stand on our own two feet. Female bears are very protective, they will defend their cubs with their own life if need be. This medicine sometimes means setting boundaries so that one’s own family comes first. This strong bond of caring, play, strength and protection is what empowers the cubs to start their journey towards independence by age two, and they are expected to do so. Rhodonite brings to light hidden talents, can assist one in the attainment of ones "greatest potential"  dispels anxiety, assists in recovery from codependency, clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, promotes the emotions of self love and self acceptance, encourages one to accept one's worth and abilities, helps one to attain calm.  One (1) Rhodonite Bear Carving 39mm x 19mm x 26mm

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